The Warzone
Back Alley
In this land, you pit your skills against those of other players.

Your goal is simple: SURVIVE.

The Warzone consists of forty regions, each region consists of one hundred sectors. A freshly incarnate player begins the game in a randomly selected sector with 1 armor point and 1 weapon point.

Most commands are issued from the select box on the left hand side of the control panel. Attacking another player and using a personal portal are done by clicking on the appropriate link within the right hand side of the control panel.

You may attack any target occupying your current sector. Other warriors, assassins, the shape changer, and the Black Dragon are all valid targets. If more than one target shares your sector, you will have a choice which target to attack. Anytime a valid target is available a link will show up in your control panel with the target's name. If you click on the target's name you will be in a battle with them unless they have already moved on. Battles are quick, and based upon your Armor and Weapon in relation to your opponent's.

Buying items
These commands allow you to enter various retail establishments, depending on which sector you're in. (The region does not matter.) The Council Livery is in Sector zero. It offers a wide variety of mounts - animal, magical, and mythical - with different abilities and price ranges, as well as food. You can sell food here as well. An array of fighting tools can be purchased at the armory in Sector one. If you're looking for portable magic, Sector 42's Apothecary stocks dozens of potions and enchanted items.
When buying weapons, armor, food, or Orb charges you can specify how many to buy by putting the number in the input box. The input box also works if your are selling food at the livery.
Unfortunately, only the Armory and Livery are open at this time.

Commiting robbery
You can try to rob casinos or other warriors with this command. Be careful though. Casino employees may take your wealth, send an assassin after you, or simply kill you themselves. Once you attempt to rob a casino the employees won't let you back in, even to gamble. A warrior who notices your attempt may turn, forcing you to attack.
You can not commit a robbery at this time.

Etching your mark
Identify your territory or tell others you passed them by. Once you leave your mark, it remains in the same location until you leave it somewhere else, or until you die. If you etch your mark over itself, it vanishes. You only have ONE mark.

Dig for gold
Pick up gold you and your fellow warriors have left buried behind. Magically stolen gold may be retrieved this way.

Enter your neighborhood casino. Fortunes can be made or lost; if the casino is your own, you can transfer your fortunes as well. If you have 5,000 gold on-hand and you gamble in a sector without a casino, you may start your own. You may also buy a lottery ticket at any casino. Funds from this go into the prize and not the casino, and you may become an instant winner!
You can not Gamble, buy a casino, or enter the lottery at this time.

Hire assassin
Hire a professional killer to do your dirty work for you. Give 5,000 gold to the Guild officer in Sector 99.
Assassins are not available at this time.

Kill yourself
When you're trapped with no way out, suicide is the option of last resort. This command gives you a fresh start.
This command is not yet implimented, so you can jump off the edge of the warzone instead.

Bury gold
Hide some or all of your gold in your current sector. Be sure to hide it well, or another warrior may pick it up.

Travel throughout the Warzone, one sector at a time. Journey from your current location to any of its neighbors by clicking on the proper direction on the compass rose in the left hand side of your control panel. Your destination's sector number will show up if you hold your pointer over direction on the compass rose. Watch where you are going, some destinations can hurt or kill you. You will also notice that different terrain types take different numbers of moves.

Catch up on the 'zone's latest gossip and current events. This command displays the Warzone Council News. To review the entire news, enter 31 in the input box. To get the last two days enter 2. The News button on the side of every page gives you the last three days of news. This does not take moves

Orb of Observation
Scan the surrounding sectors for casinos, traps, and other warriors before you enter them. To lightly search all surrounding sectors requires one charge. Your orb may be recharged at any armory. To use your Orb you click on the center of the compass rose in the left side of your control panel.

Use Potion
If you are carrying a potion, this command allows you to drink it or activate it's magic. Potions may be purchased from any apothecary (In any sector 42).
The Apothecary is not open yet, so there are no potions to use.

How does your warrior compare with the rest? This command lists all the warriors on a relative basis; the better the player, the higher his or her warrior will appear on the list (based upon how long they have survived). The default number shown is 25, but you can raise or lower this amount by putting a number in the input box. The Rankings button on the side of every page will display the top 25 players. This does not use moves.

Use Scroll
If you have a magic scroll, this command summons a wizard to cast it for you. Scrolls may be purchased from the Coven, Inc. or Horizon's Limited by summoning a wizard.
Scrolls are not yet available.

Your Inventory
This gives you a list of the items you currently possess like mounts. It will list any spells, scrolls, rings, staffs, mounts, or potions. Of course it will not currently show any possessions but mounts as it is impossible for you to have anything else. It will aslo show the email address you signed up under. This does not use up moves.

Set Trap
Summon a member of the Falconers' Gauntlet to set a trap in your current sector of your choosing. Traps can steal, destroy, teleport, paralyze, or simply kill the warriors who trigger them. Most traps can be set to catch more than one traveller, but they can sometimes be avoided using mounts or magic (magic avoidance not available yet).

Visit the Bank
Sector 82 of each region contains a branch of the Black Dragon Bank. Let your gold earn interest, transfer funds to other warriors' accounts, or take out a short-term loan. Be careful though; accounts sometimes fail, and there is no W.D.I.C. You'll have to stop by on a daily basis to earn your interest. Loans are not currently available.

Summon Wizard
Call a member of the Coven, Inc. or Horizon's Limited to cast a spell on yourself or another warrior. Any spell can be made into a scroll at extra cost. The Defpla and Malbuq spells unlike most others will also effect those players who have not reincarnated yet. The Defpla spell also has a SEVERE drain on YOUR life energy levels, so please be restrained in it's use.
The Wizards have not yet started providing these services.

Locate a random Warrior
Find some other warrior at random, you will not find yourself. For 1000 gold you will be told where they are but not who they are. or how powerful they are.

Send Personal Message
Gloat over your victory, tell that thief just what you think of him, or forge a secret alliance. For a small fee of five gold you can place a small message in another warrior's personal news.

Reset The Warzone
If you have the gold (250,000), you can give yourself - and everyone else - a fresh start. Obliterate bank accounts, casinos, traps, hidden gold, and warriors alike. Everyone will know who to blame; your warrior's name will appear in The Warzone Council News.
This command is not yet available (like you have 250,000 gold anyway)

Hire yourself out
You can decide to hire yourself out to earn some gold. You pay a workspace fee from 10 to 500 gold and tell us how long you want to work (from 2 to 24 hours). If you can stay out of the warzone and not get killed during those hours you will get your workspace fee multiplied by the number of hours you picked. If you stay out longer, you do not earn more. The work is manual labor, and based on your workspace fee. The disadvantage is that you are stuck in that spot for the entire time. If you come back early, you forfeit your workspace fee. If someone comes along and kills you, that's your tough luck. We don't give refunds.

Other things
Food is found while you are moving. You can sell food to get gold (At any Livery) but be sure to keep enough for you and any mounts that you may have. You require one food a day, and your mounts needs are listed when you buy them. Although the only law is survival, the Warzone does have a few rules which are strictly enforced:
Each warrior recieves 75 moves daily. They may get extra moves by purchasing a mount or by casting a spell. Warriors may be spotted by the Warzone Council News.
Warriors who remain dead for over a month will automatically be deleted from the ranks of Warriors.
Any Warrior who sets off a name change trap must keep the new name for a minimum of one week, or make arrangements with the trap setter for a shorter time.
The Council prefers that you only maintain one warrior at a time.

  The Warzone Council takes donations for the following services:
  Change your Warrior's name                        10 gold.
  Change your Warrior's password                    20 gold.
  Inform your casinos of your new name              20 gold each.
  Move your casino                                 200 gold each.
  Advertise your casino in the news                 10 gold per line.
  Place you in the Safe House                   10,000 gold.
 Make arrangements for these services through email to The Warzone Council
                                                        -The Warzone Council
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