The Warzone
Back Alley

Welcome to Warzone Five.
This is a multiplayer interactive battle.
Your Goal: Survive

All rankings are based on who has been alive in the game the longest. This game is in the Beta test stage currently. What this means to you is that strange things may happen while you are playing. Please report any of these strange things to The Warzone Council. Please include notes about what you were doing when the strange thing happened.

And to answer your burning question, Yes this is free, you don't have to pay anything. The only payment I ask is that you keep me up to date on any problems you have with the game. (or if you want a souvenir, use the link to the left and I can get a little money that way.)

Keep checking back on this page for updates and news. Only the "FAQ" link on the left does not work currently. (Haven't had enough questions asked to make a FAQ yet)
About will take you to this page.
Fight takes you to the Login Screen.
News gives you the last three days news.
Rankings will give you the Top 25 Players.
Back Alley is a forum for your warrior to boast and brag.
Instructions will give you some instruction on how to play this game.
Map will give you a Minimal map of The Warzone (with Region names and Sector Numbers).

My sincere thanks goes out to the following people who helped in the Alpha testing of this incarnation of Warzone (in no particular order):
Tobar Konx, who found more bugs than I thought could possibly be there.
Scott L. AKA Scott the Monkey, who really tested the limits of movement and number of warriors.
R'ykandar Korra'ti, who gave me some nice presentation ideas (only some of which I used, but all of which were nice).
Greg P. AKA Rat, who played when he remembered to.
Terri Barger, who only played once (but that did give me a chance to test the purge routines).
Archie Harper, who let me know that this game is a LOT harder without instructions.
Colten Hite, who was a fountain of ideas which I couldn't get to work.
Tracy Hite, whose memory of my original version helped fill in the gaps in my memory.
Night Runner, for proving that sneaky always works.

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owned by The Warzone Council.

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